About Us

After graduating from the University of Illinois with an Accounting degree, I began working on the audit staff of Touche Ross & Co. (now Deloitte). I worked my way through the ranks at Touche for seven years, reaching Manager before deciding it was time to strike out on my own.

A generation ago, entrepreneurs and business owners relied on their key professionals – accountants, attorneys, and bankers – for sound general business advice. As these professions became more specialized, I noticed that the small business owner needed to manage the various specialists required to resolve business issues that couldn’t be handled internally. In addition, the compliance functions of my profession were continuing to become more complex, which meant accountants were less available for other projects during tax season. This often left the small business at a disadvantage, without a Chief Financial Officer to manage these projects.

I founded Premiere Financial Consultants in 1984 to focus on data-driven general business consulting for entrepreneurs, closely-held companies, and high-net-worth individuals. My goal was to form a new kind of firm – one that leads with the consultative relationship, while providing full compliance services to avoid a “garbage in, garbage out” scenario. I never wanted to find myself giving good advice based on bad information.

With this in mind, I began to focus my services on operating as the entire accounting and finance departments of closely-held companies and entrepreneurial ventures. Shortly thereafter the term “outsourcing” entered the corporate vocabulary, so I called this my “outsourcing solution.” Premiere can act as the finance and accounting departments from the Chief Financial Officer, Controller, and down through any clerical functions needed. 

Our outsourcing solutions are tailored to suit each client’s specific needs. We start by creating a reporting structure that effectively assists management with decision making. From there we design the accounting processes to provide accurate information needed by management in a timely manner. In some instances it is even more efficient for us to do the clerical work: write checks, invoice customers, etc. All reporting documents are stored on a secure, private portal on our website providing 24/7 access for our busy clients.

Over the past 25 years, we have developed technical expertise in business valuations. In that time, we have valued entities as part of shareholder disputes, estate and gift planning, expert testimony for divorce cases, and any scenario that might call for a non-publicly traded asset to be valued.

While we lead with a consultative rather than compliance-based relationship, we also provide tax return preparation, tax planning, financial statement preparation, and any other customized accounting services you may require. 

Premiere Financial Consultants is a high-touch, small-volume boutique firm, allowing us to make every client our top priority.



Ira D. Berk , CPA/ABV